Energy Control Technology Products

PerformancePAC: Performance Control

PerformancePAC: Performance Control ECT's Turbocompressor performance control is an integral part of the turbocompressor control system requiring multi-loop capabilities to solve the following control challenges:
  • Control loop interaction
  • Limiting control of multiple process variables
  • Standalone Compressor control versus Compressor network load distribution
ECT has designed a performance control solution for both stand alone compressors as well as for compression networks. PerformancePAC provides high reliability with extreme accuracy of maintaining the compressor performance variable in a standard PLC package. ECT has extensive experience with multi-variable constraint control solutions and has packaged this knowledge into an affordable convenient performance control application.

PerformancePAC Features

  • Up to 3 selectable main process variable loops
  • Up to five limiting control loops for process, performance, and mechanical constraint variables
  • Fully automatic startup sequence algorithms
  • Configurable ramps for process loading
  • Efficient distribution of load for parallel or series operating compressors while controlling the compressor performance such that the operating points are controlled to maximize energy efficiency and protection
  • Interaction control with all ECT control applications
  • Seamless integration with steam turbine governor and gas turbine fuel controller
  • Manual override function
  • Configurable fault tolerant control action on failures of transmitters or loss of communications
  • Standard HMI faceplate for operation and configuration
Control loop interaction can be a significant problem when controlling turbocompressors. ECT's PerformancePAC interaction control algorithm eliminates negative control loop responses thereby resulting in improved process and surge control stability while keeping all controllers in fully automatic operation.

PerformancePAC: Performance Control One of the more challenging applications in controlling compressors is load distribution of compressors operating in parallel or series. For compressor network applications, ECT performance control application is provided as
  • LoadPAC® – advanced load-sharing controller for multi-machine load balancing
  • NetPAC® – master performance controller for compressor network control application
The system is designed to control a main network process variable, usually suction header pressure, discharge header pressure, or system mass flow and distribute the load among the compressors in the network to maximize compressor network production, efficiency, protection, and stability.

PerformancePAC can be integrated with any of ECT's algorithms such as SurgePAC, SpeedPAC or FuelPAC to create a state-of-the-art control system for turbine driven compressor systems. When installed on SurePAC (our fault tolerant control package) the combination of high performance control algorithms along with a state of the art SIL rated fault tolerant hardware platform creates a superior turbomachinery control package that can be easily operated and maintained.