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SurePAC: Fault Tolerant Hardware Platform

SurePAC: Fault Tolerant Hardware Platform

ECT provides a complete fault tolerant solution based on Rockwell Automations ControlLogix platform. These control solutions are certified for use in SIL2 applications. The system is built using standard Rockwell Automation ControlLogix components with the addition of ECT engineered redundancy terminal assemblies and SIL Add-On Instructions (AOI's). The system includes redundant Analog Inputs, Analog Outputs, Speed Pickup signals as well as Digital IO.

SurePAC Features

  • Digital output pulse testing
  • Analog output monitoring
  • Open wire detection
  • Fail-safe design
  • Redundant channel monitoring
  • Specialized faceplates for simple monitoring and control of the redundant system
  • Redundant communications – including Modbus

A typical control system is shown below:

A typical High Availability control system

SurePAC along with any of our advanced process control applications can be installed on Rockwell Automations ControlLogix platform. This combination of high performance control algorithms along with a state of the art SIL rated fault tolerant hardware platform creates a superior turbo machinery control package that can be easily operated and maintained.

Patent: US 8805593 B2
All components used in SurePAC are certified for use in SIL 2 applications. ControlLogix has been certified by TUVRheinland. The terminal assemblies have been certified by exida. Copies of the exida reports are available upon request.

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