Energy Control Technology Products

SpeedPAC: Steam Turbine Governor

SpeedPAC: Steam Turbine Governor ECT’s steam turbine speed control solution provides high reliability with extreme accuracy in a standard PLC package. ECT has extensive experience with industrial steam turbines and has packaged this knowledge into an affordable convenient speed control application.

SpeedPAC Features

  • Up to four critical speed avoidance bands
  • Overspeed protection integrated with speed control
  • One, two or three speed input channels
  • Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic startup modes
  • Configurable ramps and alternate selections for hot and cold starts
  • Extraction and admission turbines
  • Interaction control with all ECT control applications
  • Generator control
  • Cascade integration with ECT performance and load sharing applications
  • Standard HMI faceplate for operation and configuration
ECT also provides a dedicated API670 compliant emergency overspeed detection device and advanced vibration monitoring system. These devices integrate seamlessly with SpeedPAC and provides a complete steam turbine control and shutdown system in a SIL 2 package.

SpeedPAC can be integrated with any of ECT’s algorithms such as SurgePAC and PerformancePAC to create a state-of-the-art control system for turbine driven compressor systems. When installed on SurePAC (our fault tolerant control package) the combination of high performance control algorithms along with a state of the art SIL rated fault tolerant hardware platform creates a superior steam turbine control package that can be easily operated and maintained.